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So She Danced

Ceren AY in her story

I was born in 1988 in Gölcük. While I received my primary and secondary education in various parts of Turkey, I continued my education there when my family settled in Ankara during my high school education. After graduating from METU Department of Economics in 2011, I started working in the audit sector in Istanbul. I worked and lived abroad from October 2017 to January 2020. I am currently living in Ankara, teaching Lindy Hop and solo jazz dance, as well as continuing to raise awareness within the framework of socio-cultural interactions both in the past and in the present, with presentations on the history of jazz and dance.

I met Lindy Hop at the beginning of 2015 and then continued with Solo Jazz and Charleston. Lindy Hop, one of the dances in the black and white movies that I watched with admiration in my childhood, has been a panacea for me, where I can express myself fully and so to speak. Later, with the desire to learn everything about this culture and share it with others, I also started teaching. While living abroad between 2017-2019, I continued to teach in various cities. At the same time, I took part in many events and performances by giving lectures with international instructors. As the 20s came back, I returned to my beautiful hometown and I am eager to share all the knowledge and experience I have gained. In addition to group lessons, private lessons for individuals or partners, wedding dance and private / corporate events are given in accordance with the concept. Lessons can also be given in English.

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