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"Life is a lot like jazz. It's best when you improvise."

George Gershwin

Nisa Yildiz, Antalya

I have been interested in swing dances for a while. For me, the communication I establish and the support I receive are as important a factor as the information taught. I'm not just a student who dances one day a week and just dances, I'm someone who openly reflects when I have a problem, when I feel bad or good. At this point, I received a great response to my communication; I was able to share both my excitement, my sadness and my joy. In addition, the fact that I could study one-on-one, as much as I wanted to learn from different places (theoretical, practical), motivated me even more.

Melissa Fecchi, Luxembourg

Going to Ceren's classes always made me happy. It did not matter if it was a swing dance lesson or a solo jazz class, Ceren is always professional, in a good mood and knows how to explain steps and patterns to you and keeping it fun. No matter what, she has a smile to offer and makes you feel like your questions are welcome. She does not judge you. This is something I really appreciate. It is not easy to be a good dancer all the time, but Ceren never makes you feel like you are not. It always felt like I belonged, even when I was being a slow learner. So thank you! And hope to dance with you soon!


Ayca Aydin, Istanbul

I took solo jazz  beginner dance lessons from Ceren for 6 weeks. During these 6 weeks, I gained basic movement knowledge of solo jazz. Online classes are very entertaining and all this training took place in the comfort of my home. Ceren is a trainer who does not get tired of showing her every dance move over and over for everyone to understand. Thanks to his tone and energy, a sweet touch was made to my life during the pandemic days. I plan to continue the other level trainings of Ceren's dance lessons.


Martina Natella & Roumany Israel, Germany

We had the pleasure of working with Ceren in Luxembourg, where we were teachers and organizers. Ceren is a passionate dancer and a very dedicated teacher and her love for the dance shows! She works tirelessly to discover the roots of the dance, makes space for students to explore and doesn't shy away from performing. We can't wait to dance with her again!

Nihan Yilmazer, Ankara

My teacher Ceren expands our horizons in every lesson with her technical dance knowledge and what she shares with us about the culture of this dance genre. In the 1 hour we spent in his sweet dance studio, we feel like we were teleported to the early 1900s. We can't wait to use what we learned in the lessons we did by taking all the precautions during the pandemic period, when the ban ends. It is a great chance to find a teacher like him in Ankara!

Madalena Paumier, Portugal

What I really loooove about Ceren dance classes is her very special technique: the smile in your face, the music in your body, the pleasure in your heart .... oh yes, and how to put all these little things together to go for some joyful swing steps :) Suddenly, all the complicated moves become easier!!



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